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What is EDR, XDR and MDR?

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response is a tool that monitors your work stations and devices for anomalies and potential threats. An EDR should automatically stop most potential threats. XDR (Extended Detection and Response) extends that same automated protection to your network and cloud environment. MDR (Managed Detection and Response) adds five people, 24/7 to manage your EDR, XDR and other tools.

Balanced+ ActZero

Our choice of MDR vendor

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) are your frontline defense in the digital domain. EDR monitors your devices, spotting anomalies and potential threats swiftly. MDR, on the other hand, steps it up with 24/7 oversight, providing expert
response to any alerts that pop up. 

ActZero at a Glance

Intelligent Threat Detection

Harness the sophistication of Sixth Sense AI, ActZero’s proprietary technology. It doesn’t just identify threats; it learns, adapts, and evolves to offer predictive analyses, arming your organization with proactive defenses against both current and future cyber risks.

Rapid Response Time

Experience real-time agility like never before. ActZero’s automated algorithms not only identify threats but also initiate immediate responses. This minimizes damage, aids in rapid containment, and gives you precious time back so you can focus on business-critical tasks.

Noise Reduction and Alert Prioritization

Say goodbye to alert fatigue. ActZero’s sophisticated automation intelligently sifts through a barrage of alerts, eliminating false positives. This sharpens your focus on what truly matters, allowing your security team to allocate resources more efficiently and act on credible threats with precision.

"Expert-Led Security Operations Center (SOC)"

Enjoy around-the-clock surveillance from our Security Operations Center. Staffed by seasoned cybersecurity professionals, our 24/7 SOC serves as your fortified wall and watchtower, continuously monitoring your network for anomalies while providing actionable insights for improved security posture.

"Daily Threat Hunting"

Be on the offensive, not just the defensive, with our daily threat hunting services. Our specialized team scours your network landscape, proactively identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats before they can be exploited, thereby fortifying your cyber defenses.


“In this day and age, any business must have EDR deployed to protect against cyber-attacks.”
— Artemy Kirnichansky

Why EDR Is Non-Negotiable Today

We live in a hyper-connected world. Your network isn’t just your office anymore; it’s your vendors, your partners, and yes, even your coffee shop Wi-Fi. Being always connected means you need always-on protection.

What Gartner Says About EDR

Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions (EDR) are no longer ‘nice to have’;
they’re a requirement. Gartner outlines four primary capabilities for EDR:

Detect Security

Real-time monitoring for a quick response.

Contain the Incident
at the Endpoint:

Stop threats before they escalate.

Investigate Security

Dig deep to find out how it happened.

Provide Remediation Guidance:

Clean up and move on, stronger than before.

The BALANCED+ Approach to Cybersecurity

Secure Your Remote Workforce

Remote doesn’t mean vulnerable. With us, your remote teams work securely, wherever they're logging in from.

Stay Ahead of Threats

Don't just play defense. We provide proactive monitoring to identify threats before they identify you.Stop threats before they escalate.

Handle Incidents Swiftly

Time is of the essence. Our immediate response minimizes damage and maximizes resilience

Manage Access Effectively

Know who's in your network and what they're doing. Zero Trust is the name; granularity is the game

Clients We Protect

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead


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