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From struggling with cybersecurity threats to staying ahead of them

When finding qualified network security staff proved challenging, this real estate investing firm turned to BALANCED+ for Managed Detection and Response.

Cumbersome cybersecurity procedures left the firm ready for change.

This Canada-based real estate investor is known for their prowess in real estate management and logistics. Their industry experience helped their portfolio grow to over 130 properties – representing over 57.5 million square feet of leasable area.

In 2020, a sudden pivot to work-from-home protocols during the pandemic saw their cybersecurity measures challenged.

The Challenge Facing the Real Estate Investing Firm

Facing the constant threat of cyber attacks, the firm’s IT department was challenged with keeping pace. Their requirements for incident detection response exceeded the capacity of their internal team. With more employees working remotely due to the pandemic, the challenge was preventing impactful events while still supporting their remote workforce. That’s why they turned to BALANCED+ and its 24/7 Security Operations Center for fully managed detection and response services.

How BALANCED+ helped the firm take control of their cybersecurity

BALANCED+ was hired to monitor critical infrastructure and detect and respond to critical incidents. BALANCED+ employs the latest SIEM and SOAR technologies to ensure immediate action is taken to thwart cyber attacks.

“This wasn’t the first time seeing companies struggle with cybersecurity, and we knew exactly what the client needed – in turn, we saved them money and greatly improved their cybersecurity infrastructure,” 

said the Executive Manager at the real estate investing firm.

Canadian SMBs face similar challenges. They require 24/7 monitoring of their infrastructure, but how to do this without incurring enormous costs? Even with a monitoring solution in place, organizations face a labor pool shortage of cybersecurity professionals. The answer is a partnership with BALANCED+ 24/7 Security Operations Center and their advanced MDR solution.

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