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With the help of BALANCED+, eLabs’ front-end was brought into the 21st century

With its legacy code no longer meeting security requirements, eLabs needed a front-end rebuild which met compliance standards. They turned to BALANCED+ for help.
“We were feeling tremendous pressure from our clients, not only was our front-end slow, it wasn’t compliant. In a regulated industry with the highest priority placed upon protecting the confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), we needed to make sure we complied with the highest standards. BALANCED+ stepped in to provide their expertise.
Executive Manager

BALANCED+ Came to the Rescue with Secure Code

eLabs is unique among SAAS billing solutions in that it provides white-glove managed billing services. eLabs tailors a unique billing solution for each client based on their specific needs. Until 2021 they maintained a legacy version of Microsoft ASP. For the eLabs team, this meant not only software vulnerable to cyber threats, but software that was no longer compliant with regulations – posing an existential threat to their business

The Clock Was Ticking – eLabs Needed To Take Action

“Even though we knew we’d have to do a rebuild eventually, we kept pushing the start date. It got to the point where if we didn’t act, the risk to customers would simply be too great – we needed a partner that understood the urgency of the situation and somebody who could work fast to get this done.”

Executive Manager, eLabs

BALANCED+ re-coded eLabs legacy front-end using the latest version of code and brought it up to compliancy.  eLabs can continue to grow with the confidence of a new platform built to the highest standards.

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