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By overhauling its database, this window design company revitalized its backend operations.

Outdated database code had become a significant impediment, prompting the company to collaborate with BALANCED+ to reconstruct their back-end and integrate additional database capabilities.
"We cannot express enough gratitude to the BALANCED+ team for their outstanding work in rebuilding our back-end infrastructure. We urgently needed to streamline and modernize our operations, and BALANCED+ helped us accomplish exactly that."
Executive Manager
Window Design Company

About the Window Design Company

With nearly three decades of experience in the fenestration industry, this company has established itself as a leader in high-rise construction and renovation. The company specializes in fabricating commercial and residential thermal aluminum window products, expertly integrating architectural metal and glass.

The window company’s backend was outdated

The window design company needed to revamp its database and update services to replace legacy code and enable additional database functionality. The existing data structure was increasingly cumbersome, resulting in inefficient processes and increased costs.

Reconstructing the Company’s Data Access Layer

The project centered on designing and constructing a new inventory object model using Microsoft SQL Server and Entity Framework. The updated database was configured to accommodate data from various sources, including external research, sales tracking tools, and internal production management systems.

A Project Manager was assigned and utilized a traditional waterfall methodology to steer the project to success.

We employed the JIRA project management platform to maintain detailed logs of functionalities, backlogs, release structure, and other data. SystemX time sheets were used to monitor project time and prevent overruns.

Project Deliverables

  • Business Requirements Document
  • Project Management Document
  • Business Process Analysis Document
  • Work-Flow Diagram
  • Object Model
  • Database Normalization/optimization Document
  • Database ERD
  • New Codebase
  • The project was delivered on time and under budget.

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