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Machine Learning

Master ML fundamentals and real-world implementation in this comprehensive course, featuring interactive sessions, hands-on projects, and practical applications.

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Week 1 – Introduction to Machine Learning Theory

Overview This week we'll embark on an exciting journey into the realm of machine learning theory, delving into the key…

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Week 2 – Common Machine Learning Problems

Overview Last week we covered the basics of machine learning, delving into its fundamental concepts and principles. We explored the…

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Week 3 – Machine Learning Implementations

Overview Last week, we focused on common machine learning problems and troubleshooting techniques, such as regression and classification, overfitting, underfitting,…

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Week 4 – The ML Pipeline and an Iconic Model – the Neural Network

Introduction In Week 3, we delved into machine learning implementations, focusing on when and why to use machine learning, as…

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Week 5 – A Machine Learning Project: Image Generation

In Week 4, we focused on understanding machine learning in real-world scenarios and the concept of ML pipelines. We discussed…

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Week 6 – Different ML Models and Their Applications

Overview Last week, we explored the realm of fake image generation using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), diving into the world…

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Week 7 – Data Processing Practices – an Example from NLP

Last week, we delved deep into the fascinating world of various machine learning models and how they are applied in…

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Week 8 – Evaluating Model Performance

Overview As we move forward in our exploration of Machine Learning, this week's lesson delves into the all-important topic of…

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