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SIGNIS is a global non-governmental organization formed in 2001, uniting professionals in radio, television, cinema, and other media sectors from over 100 countries. It aims to promote a Culture of Peace through media education, advocacy, and intercultural dialogue. 

Born from the merger of Unda and OCIC, SIGNIS engages in various activities such as promoting films, producing and distributing media content, training professionals, and fostering media education. 

The organization also supports media independence, just representation, and communication capacity development in its pursuit of peacebuilding.

How we helped

At BALANCED+, we were honored to provide pro bono IT consulting services for SIGNIS, contributing to their mission of promoting a Culture of Peace through media. We helped streamline their processes by integrating their online membership portal with Maximizer CRM and implementing credit card-based membership payments. To enhance member engagement, we developed functionalities to display upcoming events, enable event participation payments, and showcase a searchable member directory for journalists, radio hosts, and other professionals. 

We are committed to offering ongoing hosting, support, and handling change requests, ensuring that SIGNIS can continue to expand its positive impact worldwide.

helena osman
Mrs. Helen Osman
With a distinguished career in Catholic communication, Mrs Osman now advises Church leaders on utilizing modern communications to advance the Church's mission globally.

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