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Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) Mississauga Chapter, which serves nearly 10,000 members, needed a robust solution to manage its complex expense reporting processes. As a nonprofit, the chapter struggled with inefficiencies and compliance issues due to manual handling of expense reports.


PEO-Mississauga required a system that could handle pre-approved reporting formats, a two-tier managerial approval process, and specific categorization of expenses. The manual processes previously in place were slow, error-prone, and burdensome for the volunteers.

Initiative by BALANCED+

Recognizing the chapter’s constraints and its critical role in the community, BALANCED+ stepped in to offer their expertise pro bono. The firm identified that SystemX’s capabilities aligned perfectly with PEO-Mississauga’s requirements and undertook the integration task.

Solution Implementation:

BALANCED+ executed a seamless integration of SystemX, tailoring it to the specific needs of PEO-Mississauga:

  • Customized Reporting: Configured to align with the chapter’s strict reporting standards.
  • Two-Tier Approval Process: Enhanced oversight and control through a structured approval workflow.
  • Electronic Signing: Streamlined the signing and approval processes to hasten reimbursements.
  • Flexible Reimbursement Options: Provided multiple reimbursement methods, making it easier for volunteers to receive payments promptly.
  • Expense Categorization: Organized expenses into detailed categories for better financial tracking and reporting.
  • Accessible via Mobile and Web: Enabled a flexible submission process through mobile and web applications, accommodating the busy schedules of volunteers.


The pro bono contribution of BALANCED+ not only addressed the technical challenges but also delivered broader organizational benefits:

  • Efficiency Gains: Dramatic reduction in the time required to process reimbursements.
  • Strict Compliance Adherence: Ensured that all financial operations met the regulatory standards.
  • Systematization of Expenses: Improved financial oversight and budget management.
  • Boost in Volunteer Morale: Expedited reimbursements and reduced administrative hassles significantly improved volunteer satisfaction and engagement.

Conclusion: BALANCED+’s pro bono work with PEO-Mississauga showcases the impactful role that skilled IT consulting can play in enhancing the operational capabilities of nonprofit organizations. This project not only solved immediate operational challenges but also demonstrated how strategic IT solutions can foster greater efficiency and compliance in nonprofit management. The initiative reflects BALANCED+’s commitment to community support and corporate social responsibility.

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