Owners of Fortinet, industry-leading Next Generation Firewalls will be pleased to hear that the recently released FortiOS comes with a long list of new features including an updated Dashboard, and FortiView.   There are also updates to Networking, SSL-VPN Portal, SD-WAN, and ZTNA feature sets. 

While not a major release, .x releases provide enhancements rather than fixes which are typical in a .x.y release.  

More information can be found at https://docs.fortinet.com/product/fortigate/7.4

Please be sure your FortiGate is supported by checking this list: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortigate/7.4.0/fortios-release-notes/760203/introduction-and-supported-models

As always, a BALANCED+ cyber security professional can advise you if this release is right for your organization at this time.