We are delighted to announce that BALANCED+ Software Development Team has been chosen as the preferred provider for a new software application for Prince Rupert Port Authority! This cutting-edge system, developed by our team, will make it easier than ever before to complete Port Pass applications and credentialing tasks. Congratulations to our dedicated staff who have worked hard in making this a reality!

The Port of Prince Rupert is along British Columbia’s west coast and is Canada’s second-largest container port with half a billion dollars in assets and revenue of approximately 60 million dollars per year. This project will enable the port to improve operational efficiency, increase visibility and better manage risk. The software solution we are providing is designed to automate various processes such as vessel tracking, personnel credentialing, and cargo security checks.

This partnership comes at a time when the entire maritime industry is experiencing tremendous changes due to an increased focus on safety, compliance,  and efficiency. We are proud to be part of this shift in the industry and believe that our software will help Prince Rupert Port Authority remain a leader in maritime safety and compliance.

BALANCED+ was selected as the best software development firm from a competitive pool of Canadian firms due to our specialized experience in building similar applications, an impressive team of developers, and a keen emphasis on streamlining processes.

We are confident that our team is capable of creating a software application to meet the Port’s needs and provide an optimal experience for users.